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Presidential Election Crowded with Unfair Attacks, Gallup Reports

by Jane Susskind, published

Hours after Romney's "birth certificate" joke this morning, Gallup released a survey finding that 40% of the population believes the two presidential candidates are unfairly attacking each other, with independents agreeing that Obama is unfairly attacking Romney. Gallup reports,

Additionally, independents have grown more critical of Obama's perceived behavior than of Romney's, resulting in an advantage for Romney on this measure among independents.

In what's turning out to be one of the most negative elections in history, personal attacks have become common place in political rhetoric, while debate over policy issues seems lacking. What's more, Gallup finds that both groups of supporters feel as though their own candidate is acting fairly, and place blame on the opposing party.

While Obama and Romney argue, issues like unemployment and medicare remain unsolved, and at the end of the day, we all lose.

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