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Intro: An Online Election in America

by Matt Metzner, published

Over the next several weeks I will be posting content from a paper written earlier this year regarding the implementation of an online election in America. The general thesis being that an online election could be conducted and would likely create an increase in voter turnout.

First the paper will evaluate voter turnout rates in recent national elections. Comparing both mid-term to presidential elections.

The paper addresses the threat of voter fraud as a major counterpoint to online elections in America and new election technology. I will dispel the rumor that voter fraud is a large enough problem to warrant closing the door on new technology.

The paper will also present several case studies where countries, municipalities, and organizations have held online elections effectively. Each location implemented the technology slightly differently and their tools will be evaluated.

Finally, practices that I believe are best suited for implementation in the United States will be presented. This will include the technology, mechanisms for preserving transparency and security, and opportunities for making democracy more available to American citizens.

Feel free to ask questions, object, raise issue with any of the points considered. I'll gladly enter a discussion, point you to my sources, and debate each issue. The paper will be presented as a series of segments as I dive into the possibility of an online election in America being held in the near future.

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