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This Is One Funny Anti-TSA Campaign Ad

by Wes Messamore, published

John Dennis, Nancy Pelosi's Republican challenger, just uploaded this hilarious anti-TSA campaign ad. Wait for his parting shot at the very end of the clip. I busted up laughing:

To get serious for a second on a humor blog, I've got to say that what I really like about this ad, is that it's about an issue. Dennis doesn't take aim at his opponent with a tired, old attack ad featuring an unflattering black and white photo, scary music, and a quote taken out of context.

Dear candidates,

That approach is lame! And worn out.



Instead, make more ads like this. Because people like to share things with their friends that make them laugh, ads like this are more likely to go viral on the Internet (and I've heard that's starting to get important). Make it about an issue voters are thinking about. Make it funny. Use a killer music track like Dennis did in this ad. Instead of ripping each other to shreds, which is not very attractive, talk policy to the voters and make us laugh. Flirt with us a little.

This is a huge step up from the Wicked Witch ad Dennis ran last election cycle. Not even because the Wicked Witch ad was an attack ad-- it just wasn't half as funny as this one.

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