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Drones That Swarm and Communicate Autonomously

by Bob Morris, published

Smart drones are coming, able to communicate with each other and accomplish tasks, with little intervention from the ground. Drones are still in their infancy too. Imagine what they will be able to do in 5-10 years. The privacy concerns are obvious, as are concerns about Orwellian governments.

An operator on the ground, using only a laptop and a military radio can command an unmanned aerial vehicle "swarm." Despite limited flight training, the operator was able to connect with autonomous UAVs, task them and obtain information without using a ground control station.


What are the primary risks we will face in coming years as individuals and societies? Erosion of privacy and the security of our persons, property and data at the hands of criminals, avaricious elites, government and private surveillance and bouts of civil disorder, all in a number of forms.

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