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Obama That I Used To Know Youtube Music Video Going Viral

by Chad Peace, published

In just 8 days, a video by JustNewProductions, who has never posted any other videos on YouTube, has received over 600,000 views on a music video called, "Obama that I used to Know." The video is a "parody" of Gotye's popular song, "Somebody that I Used to Know." The message is particularly directed at young voters who are don't believe Obama brought the change he promised. Young voters are the fastest growing segment of non-partisan voters.

The video is perfect example of how fast and how far a message can spread on the internet, even when it originates from a user account without a prior following. With respect to the political impact of the video, the message of the video is important. This is not a pro-Romney ad. And it definately is not a pro-Obama ad.  Though it may help Romney by turning voters away from Obama.

"But the change I got is that I moved in with my mother? ... Your speeches never soar as high as unemployment left me like a dog strapped on Romney's car."


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