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Survey: Americans Still Not Convinced, Pie Charts Prove

by Jane Susskind, published

A new survey released by Slate shows that when it comes to personality, presidential candidate Barack Obama still has the edge over Republican contender Mitt Romney. Of course, asking voters which candidate they would prefer to help them change a tire may not be the most accurate indication of voter sentiment, but it does say something about the candidates' personalities.

When it comes to babysitters, the July numbers show that the majority of voters would choose Obama to take care of their child. Maybe they caught sight of this picture?

But maybe a more relevant pie chart is the one below, which asked the 1,000+ registered voters surveyed if they felt our country was heading in the right direction:

The survey shows that 55% of registered voters feel that the country is "definitely" or "probably" moving in the wrong direction. When asked if voters think their lives would get better, worse, or stay the same if Barack Obama was re-elected, 27.5% said they believed their lives would get "somewhat better." When asked the same question about Mitt Romney, that number dropped to 22% and a combined 49.3 percent projected that things would worsen with Mitt in the oval office.

So what do these numbers show? People are frustrated, and while the majority of voters would trust Obama with their baby, they are still not convinced they can trust him with our country.

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