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President Profile Of The Day: Gerald R. Ford

by Faith Eischen, published

Gerald R. Ford was deemed a klutz by the media. This is just one fun fact about Ford. For more information continue reading History Unspun’s President Profile Of The Day: Gerald R. Ford!

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Term of Presidency: 1974-1977

Party: Republican

Age Upon Taking Office: 61

Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller

Ran Against: N/A

Height: 6’

Nickname: “Jerry”

Sound Bite: “I am a Ford, not a Lincoln.”

Fun Facts:

1. Gerald R. Ford was a klutz, and every klutzy thing he did ended up in the news. For example, one evening while walking his dog, Ford locked himself out of the White House.

2. Before becoming President of the United States Gerald R. Ford had a modeling career. He appeared in the magazine Look, and on the cover of Cosmopolitan. He remains the only President of the United States to have worked as a model.

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