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Clint Eastwood Endorsement of Mitt Romney Unlike a Toaster

by Chad Peace, published

As we all get caught up in political hype and emotional over-analysis of every tweet and celebrity statement, the Clint Eastwood endorsement of Mitt Romney today proves that pundits should think twice about regurgitating the insights of other pundits, just because they are pundits. During the super bowl, Clint Eastwood narrated a commercial for Chrysler, and all the buzz was that he was de facto making an endorsement of Obama in supporting America's auto industry.

"I said, God, this guy, he's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president," Eastwood joked. "As the years have gone by I began to think even more so about that."

Well, Clint Eastwood is a notorious Republican endorser, and has called himself more of a social libertarian, a bit of a disassociation with the christian Chick-fil-a right wing of the party. With Obama's support of gay marriage and the Rick Santorum faction still rearing its head as a major player in the Republican party, Clint Eastwood's endorsement of Mitt Romney should put the rumors to rest.

My two sense, the Clint Eastwood Eastwood endorsement just made Mitt Romney's day. So next time a pundit makes a grand statement likening the narration of a commercial to an endorsement of a candidate, because a particular candidate will most likely benefit from the commercial, think twice.  If you want a guarantee, by a toaster.


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