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Fast Foods are Not Political Icons

by Matt Metzner, published

There’s been enough controversy regarding Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy’s comments opposing same-sex marriage and the responses to it. Several weeks ago a similar flare up occurred when Oreo cookies supported same-sex marriage.

Regardless of where you stand on same-sex marriage, we should all realize that choosing our fast foods based on its stance on same-sex marriage is absolutely ridiculous.

When we survey the great history of protest and collective speech Americans are getting fat and lazy. Think of Gandhi, the Revolution, the 60’s, even Occupy, all times when people stood up for what they believed in. The collective ‘we’ took a risk and put up a fight, whether we won or not.

But not anymore, now we have lowered ourselves to protesting by lining up in hour-long drive-thru lines to stuff our faces in support of a political position. Or, more simply, the same-sex marriage debate has been lowered to a battle of consumption.

Instead of taking to the streets, we are taking a headfirst dive into higher cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity in support of a political position. Good work America.

Opponents of same-sex marriage lining up in a fast food restaurant does not create a great day in American history. Equally, refusing to eat a gender-neutral fried chicken sandwich based on the political views of the corporate label stamped on its wrapper is asinine.

If you want to make a political statement or support or oppose any particular controversy it is going to take more effort and will power than eating. So, both sides, enough with the name calling, enough with the rhetoric, enough with the fatty foods as political icons.

If you wish to have a real dialogue, take a position that requires more intelligence than deciding which unhealthy food you will eat. Please enlighten us on your position aside from consumption and let the rest of us make a decision.

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