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Great Resources for the 2012 Election

by Jane Susskind, published

As we posted on our Tumblr, The Washington Post has provided some great resources for tracking the 2012 Presidential Election. Here are a few of our favorites at

Tracking TV ads in the Presidential Campaign

Great site to watch recent campaign ads, see how much each candidate is spending on ads, and the top messages in the 2012 presidential election ads. 

Election Map 

An interactive map, loaded with analytics, predictions, swing states, and demographics. The Washington Post Presidential Election Map outlines what states to watch, the impact of race, income, and unemployment on the election, and the electoral count.

Campaign Finance Explorer 

A feature that let’s you see just how much each candidate is raising for their campaign, how much they are spending, and what kinds of contributions they are receiving. 

What resources have gotten you through this election so far? 

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