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Social Media Spotlight: Rep. Justin Amash

by Jane Susskind, published

As part of our effort to report on social media trends, tools, and technology, we will be periodically recognizing politicians, candidates, and political organizations who are utilizing social media in effective and creative ways. 

Name: Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI)

Social Media Stats:

Facebook: 33,128  Twitter: 10k


“Social media is revolutionizing government and making Congress more accountable. I use Facebook to explain every vote I take on the House floor, and I personally interact with my constituents online. This not only empowers people at home but also shapes me into a better Representative. It's an honor to win this year's contest, and it's a big win for the forces of liberty and transparency.” - Click here for the full press release

Why he made the cut: As a freshman Congressman, Rep. Justin Amash has recognized the importance of building an audience on his social media channels. He recently won the Republican New Media Challenge, an annual competition featuring Republican Representatives competing to attract the most new followers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Between the three social networks, Amash "trounced the competition" by gaining over 11,000 new followers, almost one fifth of the total number of new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers generated by the 96 Members and Committees competing. Not only are his numbers high, but the engagement you see on his Facebook page far surpasses that of his competition. On any given post, he's got hundreds of likes, shares, and comments.

Take this recent post on the Audit the Fed bill:

There are over 1,500 likes on this post alone, and below in the comments sections, there are over 100 unique people discussing the implications of the passage of the bill. His Facebook is essentially a forum for voters to show support for recent votes, ask questions on his position on certain issues, and debate with other voters the merits of a bill.

Amash explains every vote on his Facebook page, inviting his 33,128 followers into his decision-making process:

Not only does he dominate the world of Facebook, Amash is carrying his social efforts into the mobile world. In a recent press release, he announced that his staff would hold "Mobile Office Hours," recognizing that “not every constituent has regular Internet access and some may have difficulty making it to our district office in Grand Rapids." He continues, "I want to bring our office to them.”

Seems like Justin Amash really is the coolest member of Congress.


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