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President Profile Of The Day: Calvin Coolidge

by Faith Eischen, published


Credit: A Brief History

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Term of Presidency: 1923-1929

Party: Republican

Age Upon Taking Office: 51

Vice President: None (after Harding's death); Charles G. Dawes (elected term)

Ran Against: John Davis

Height: 5'10"

Nickname: "Silent Cat"

Sound Bite: "When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results."

Fun Facts: 

1. Calvin Coolidge slept at least ten hours every day. He was in bed by 10pm, often slept until 8am , and always took an afternoon nap.

2. Calvin Coolidge is best known for being the most 'silent' president. Here is an example of one of Coolidge's press conferences from the 1924 campaign:

Press: "Have you any statement from the campaign?"

Coolidge: "No."

Press: "Can you tell us something about the world situation?"

Coolidge: "No."

Press: "Any information about the Prohibition?"

Coolidge: "No."

3. Coolidge was not a fan of strenuous exercise. His main form of exercise was riding an electric horse that he kept in the White House. He rode the electrical horse daily. His secret service staff would often join in the fun.

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