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President Profile Of The Day: Andrew Jackson

by Faith Eischen, published
Credit: History Spaces

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Term of Presidency: 1829-1837

Party: Democratic

Age Upon Taking Office: 61

Vice President: John C. Calhoun (first term); Martin Van Buren (second term)

Ran Against: John Quincy Adams (first term); Henry Clay (second term)

Height: 6'

Nicknames: "Old Hickory," "Sharp Knife," King Andrew the First"

Sound Bite: "If you have a job in your department that can't be done by a Democrat, then abolish the job."

Fun Facts:

1. It is rumored that Andrew Jackson nearly fought in 100 duels. After all, shooting at people and dueling were his favorite past times.

2. In 1835 Andrew Jackson's life was threatened by crazy man, Richard Lawrence. Lawrence believed he was the rightful heir to the British throne, and thought President Andrew Jackson was preventing him from his right. Lawrence walked up to the president holding a pistol. Lawrence shot the first time, but misfired. He took out his second gun and shot at Jackson, and the second gun misfired as well. The odds of two consecutive misfires are estimated to be 1 in 125,000.

3. Andrew Jackson's opponents gave him the title, "King Andrew the First" because they believed he overstretched and abused his executive authority as president. The opponents responded by forming the Whig party. The party name came from the old opponents of the British monarchy during the American Revolution.

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