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Facebook Caption Contest: "I'm Back"

by Jane Susskind, published

For our weekly Facebook Caption Contest, we posted this image of former President Bill Clinton and current President Barack Obama:

Here are some of the responses we got on Facebook:

Rick Briand: Shadys back, back again, Shadys back, tell a friend, Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back nanana.

Patrick Egan: ‎"Hey America! Got your cameras out? 'Cause I'm droppin' a photo bomb!"

Michele Maddox: ‎"I'm bacckkk!!"

Robert Lack: Clinton-"Ya'll miss me yet? How's that change working out for ya?"

Steve Lyle: Good news! The Supreme Court just overturned presidential term limits!

Thomas Chopard: Its next weeks opening to Saturday Night Live

Steve Amacher Obama: What I have to do for campaign contributions these days is unbelievable.

Can you think of a better caption? Leave your captions below, and make sure to LIKE us on Facebook to participate in next week's caption contest!

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