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Mitt Romney's Wealth: An Independent View

by Jane Susskind, published

Last week, Mitt Romney's wealth and his record at Bain Capital became a major talking point for Democrats and the Obama campaign, after charges and countercharges brought into question the length of his involvement with the business. With the recent speculations that Romney may well have been tied to the company three years after he said he left to run the Salt Lake City Olympics, voters across the political spectrum have been speaking up about the impact, or lack thereof, of Romney's wealth in this year's election.

A recent Gallup poll goes so far as to claim that independents are less likely to vote for Mitt Romney because of his wealth, reporting that 19% say Romney's wealth makes them less likely to vote for him and 4% say more likely.

We decided to go directly to the source to ask our Facebook communityAs an independent, do you think Mitt Romney's wealth is a factor in this election? 

We were flooded with a wide array of responses and opinions from varying viewpoints, once again proving that the independent voice cannot be categorized by a single poll.

Here are the top 5 answers we got on each side of the debate:

No, It's Not a Factor

Reta Sanden: I care not of his wealth but of his intentions and integrity.

Leslie Shaw Klinger: His wealth? Why would that have anything to do with it? Obama is wealthy too!

Lucy Mae: His wealth does not bother me as much as his integrity of character. Flip flop...lies...just tell the truth.

Thomas Johnson: I frankly couldn't care less about how much money he has. My only questions are in how he made it. If he did so honestly, he can own the moon for all I care.

His wealth is not a factor. His horrible track record as governor and his tenure at Bain Capital outsourcing our prosperity for his own profit are factors. He will not get my vote. Neither will Obama. I'm third party, all the way in this one.

Sal Delvisco: 

Yes, It Is a Factor

Erin Bolte: It is a factor in this election. It won't affect my vote. It's not a crime to be wealthy but it does give the impression that he's out of touch with most of us.

Rich Kluender: Yes it is. And his not putting out ALL his financials tells me he is hiding something. Cannot trust the guy he comes from the corporate world . He looks like a weasel.

Benny Hill: It should not factor in at all, but it will.

Curtis Warner Sr.: I am a registered Republican, only to vote in primaries. I am an independent in my beliefs. I doubt I will vote for Romney because he became rich making unethical business decisions. That's what gives capitalism a bad name.

I consider success at work endeavors (than creates wealth) a plus when considering who to vote for.

Nancy Lind Corradini: 

Didn't get a chance to respond? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section!

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