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Californians are low on Congress; Weary of Two-Party System

by Chad Peace, published

In a new poll, just 17% Of Californians think highly of Congress and almost half are weary of the two-party system.  What is scary is the sentiment the poll found, unless it is indicative of a larger motivation: that people just want Congress to get to work:

The negativity is contributing to an increasingly popular view that the country would be better off if the same party ran everything. According to the poll, 46 percent of likely voters believe Congress should be controlled by the same party as the president, an increase from the 37 percent who believed that in Field's February poll.

This is a dramatic change in viewpoint regarding a "divided government," with more than half of independents favoring one-party rule.  The likely effect of this sentiment will probably help Democrats in November and Dem challengers where they face Dem incumbents.

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