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Today's News Tips: July 11, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Today's News Tips. Your Independent Breakdown of Today's News.

Bloomberg – Republicans Dropping ‘Replace’ from health care ‘Repeal and Replace’ The party has made an election year calculation and decided that they will have greater chances of success riding public distaste against Obama than promising to replace the ACA. Reuters – San Bernardino is 3rd CA City to File for Bankruptcy The inland empire city will join Stockton and Mammoth Lakes in bankruptcy court as it exhausted its budget reserves by spending $45M over revenues. The Daily Beast – How Obama Can Use Health Care Against Republicans Republicans are voting today to repeal the ACA. The author has a suggestion for Obama’s campaign. There are enough uninsured people in America to equal the population of 25 states. Salon – A Retirement Community May Hold the Key to FL in November A 50,000 unit retirement community has been an ATM for the Republican party where candidates rake in millions. Romney has already visited 4 times and will likely drop by again. 95% of donations from their zip code have gone to Republicans. @Reuters – Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Defects in Protests at Assad’s Crackdown on Popular Uprising. IVN – Romney Booed at NAACP Event The GOP hopeful didn’t have the response he was looking for as he pledged to cut all non-essential programs. Time – Gas Prices Have Fallen 13% Since April The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.38, which is not cheap, but it has been dropping this summer. Roll Call – American Crossroads Dumping $70M into Senate Races Karl Rove and friends are dropping tens of millions into Senate contests as they predict control of the chamber could swing to either party in November. The Economist – What is Sending Oil Prices on a Rollercoaster Ride? Two things determine oil prices, supply and demand, the other being market sentiment about the state of the world. Over the past 5 months the price of a barrel has rolled between $128 - $88. Reuters – Khamenei “Iran 100 Times Stronger” The Iranian leader has stated that the country is 100 times stronger than it was 30 years ago regardless of international sanctions aimed to curb its nuclear program.

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