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Best Higgs Boson Misunderstandings in Tweet Form

by Lauren Moore, published


This week physicists in Geneva "found" the Higgs Boson particle, or better known as the “God Particle". This elusive and powerful particle has been a prized potential discovery since the 1960s and will explain how mass is attributed. This is a huge deal for scientists but how much does the lay person truly know about the Higgs Boson? Not much. Here’s a sampling of 5 tweets that will make you scratch your head and think, what?

Higgs Boson? That's Magnum, P.I.'s sidekick, right? — Ginny McQueen (@GinnyMcQueen) June 28, 2012
Don't believe the #athiest lies. The Higgs boson isn't real. Only God's love is — didier dogbro (@planet_of_butts) July 2, 2012


How Ironic that some Obama-loving #atheists found the Higgs Bosen or the "God Particle"!!! Hope they find Jesus soon #tcot — Jeffrey Carl Faden (@JeffreyATW) July 6, 2012
We've found God Particle, great! Still not answered "What do women want?". Hence proved that it's easier to understand god than women. — Pranav Sapra (@pranavsapra) July 5, 2012


Will Smith just punched the Higgs boson and said "Welcome to Earth."#HappyID4 — Matt Warburton (@MCWarburton) July 4, 2012

And here are two decently helpful tweets for those still confused about the fascinating particle:

Reminder: Higgs is an atheist, and Lederman named it "the goddamn particle", but embarrassed publisher changed it to "God particle". — Johan Norberg (@johanknorberg) July 4, 2012


#Higgs Boson Particle Explained (Infographic) #godparticle #standardmodel — (@SPACEdotcom) July 6, 2012

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