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Website Development Update: the Blogs are Coming!

by Chad Peace, published

We are more excited than ever about the website development at, and we appreciate the thousands of readers who come to IVN everyday and have been patient as our small but talented team works out the kinks and adds new features to the growing network.

A major feature that is nearing completion are the individual blogs.  These blogs will serve as a homebase for contributors and editors to post information that matters to you most.  But, unlike similar news sites, the blog administrators at IVN will be given broad latitude to add authors, editors, pages, and even custom widgets to their sidebar.  And blog posts that are of a newsworthy quality can be promoted to the homepage, sending them into the news feed.

As we complete testing, we will be offering the first blogs to contributors that have been with us the longest.  Eventually, these blogs will be open to the larger community of writers.

If you are interested in writing for, contact us today!

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