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Mitt Romney's Response to Health Care Ruling

by Jane Susskind, published

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney responds to the Supreme Court's ruling that upheld the Affordable Care Act as constitutional:

"What the Court did today was say that Obama care did not violate the Constitution. They did not say that it is good law or good policy" "This is now a time for the American People to make a choice. You can choose whether to have a larger and larger government making intrusions into your life... Or whether instead you want to return to a time where Americans have their own choice in health care." "If we want to get rid of Obama care, we are going to have to replace President Obama."

As reported by The Atlantic, Romney's position on health care has been very consistent.

GOP Majority Whip tweets "#Obamacareinthreewords --> No new taxes? #FullRepeal".

Mitt Romney has yet to tweet today.

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