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Today's News Tips: June 26, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

Today's News Tips. Your Independent Tip Sheet

The Atlantic – Fast and Furious Brings Out the Humanitarian and Partisan in Congressmen

Now that they can blame Democrats, the Republicans have found their inner humanitarian and are up in arms over Fast and Furious. But this phenomenon isn’t unique to the GOP.

POLITICO – EPA Wins Lawsuit, Can Regulate Greenhouse Gases

The DC Circuit court did not mince words when it stated that the EPA is “unambiguously correct” in its interpretation that it can regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The court also held that greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare.

Google – Tracking Trends for Potential GOP VP Nominees

The site will let you follow the search, google news mentions, and youtube video view trends for 10 favorite GOP VP potentials.

POLITICO – Congress May Combine Highway and Student Loan Bills

Both stalled bills need to be passed before the long July 4th recess but they also need to kick to get them moving again. Both sides want to see a deal that lasts longer than 6 months.

Slate – Two Runners Tie at Olympic Trials, Who Goes to London?

In a freak happening two sprinters actually tied in the 100-meter. There isn’t a tiebreaker rule because this hasn’t happened before. There will either be a coin-toss or another race to decide who goes to London.

Reuters – Home Prices Up, Consumer Confidence Down

For the third straight month American home prices are on the rise. The rise nearly doubled the expected gain. Consumer confidence is down, but the new numbers haven’t had a visible effect on any markets.

Reuters – News Corp to Split

Rupert Murdoch’s massive company will split into two publicly traded companies. Now the lucrative entertainment and publishing branches will be separate entities.

Al Jazeera – Breaking Down the Obama Drone Propaganda and What Journalists are Seeing

There is an overwhelming discrepancy between the information the Obama administration is releasing about its covert drone war in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, and what journalists are observing. [VIDEO]

Bloomberg – Spanish Bank Bonds Nearing Junk

With the downgrade of multiple Spanish banks to near-junk levels, the sector is up for review by Moody’s in the next few weeks. If the rating agency downgrades the sovereign the whole industry will be in junk territory.

POLITICO – Roberts to Set Legacy in Healthcare Ruling

Chief Justice John Roberts will be scrutinized regardless of the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling. He may not be the swing vote, but he does dictate how the law is applied and whom it is applied to.

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