Immigration Reform: We Asked, You Answered!

We asked our Facebook community what they thought of the change in immigration policy. With over 250 votes, it seems like most of our Facebook community doesn’t agree with Obama’s new immigration policy.

Question: “What do you think of the change in immigration policy, halting deportation of young immigrants who wish to work in the country?”

[118 votes] I don’t support it, the president overstepped his power

[53 votes] I support Obama’s policy, it’s the right thing to do

[23 votes] What about American workers?

[16 votes] I agree with Sen. Marco Rubio, it’s a short term solution

[12 votes] You break the rules, you pay the price

[12 votes] “Dictator Obama has trampled the Constitution”

[10 votes] It sucks. They came here illegally, send them back

[8 votes] He doesn’t care, as long as they vote for him, legally or illegally

[6 votes] Executive orders were not meant to legislate

[4 vote] Unconstitutional, but support exceptions from deportation after border secured

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