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Romney's Worst Nightmare: Gary Johnson + Ron Paul

by Chad Peace, published

Look, no one is excited about Romney being the GOP nominee.  And I'm not saying that a Gary Johnson/Ron Paul ticket would win.  But, if there were ever a time to just crush any chance that Romney could take the nomination, this is it.

Much has been made of the recent endorsement of Romney by Dr. Paul's son Rand.  Anyone who kids themselves into believing Rand's endorsement was not 100% political  is, well, kidding themselves.  Ron Paul will not in a million years endorse Romney, because Romney is 80% of what Ron Paul and his supporters think is wrong with American politics.

No one can say Johnson is not credible. He is a two-term governor with high approval ratings and he has a demeanor that is both welcoming and refreshing in a political atmosphere that is full of mudslinging and name-calling.  In other words, Johnson will be the grown-up at the debates.

But to get to the debates, Johnson needs the critical mass of supporters.  Now, Ron Paul's most passionate supporters have probably already migrated to Johnson's campaign, but if the elder Paul joins his ticket, there is an air of credibility, a base of support, and a pool of money to turn up the volume for a Johnson/Paul platform.

Many people say, "I like a lot of what Ron Paul has to say ... some things are just a little too crazy."  Well, Johnson is a more temperate Ron Paul.  Put them on the same ticket, and Romney can say goodnight to his bid for the Presidency.


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