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Lunch Tips: June 13, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published


The Hill – Rand Paul Fighting Domestic Drone Surveillance

The Kentucky Senator has pushed the Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act that would require the government to obtain a warrant to surveil US citizens. The bill is a response to Congress pushing the FAA to allow droves to fly alongside commercial aircraft beginning in 2015.

Al Jazeera – Russians Accuse US of Arming Syrian Rebels

In response to reports that Russia is sending attack helicopters to the Assad regime, the Russian Foreign Minister accuses the US government with arming Syrian rebels.

NY Times – Mexican Students Leading Major Protests Before Presidential Election

Mexico’s presidential election is on July 1 and student protestors have been rallying in the streets and online against he candidates. They have been calling the movement the ‘Mexican Spring’ but the groups seems to have more similarities to Occupy.

Slate – Sheldon Adelson Giving $10M to Romney SuperPAC

Former Gingrich bankroller and Las Vegas Billionaire Sheldon Adelson will give $10M to the Restore Our Future super PAC that supports Romney’s campaign. This is the largest single donation given to the Romney campaign so far.

POLITICO – Betty White Talks About Her First Job for Obama

During her White House visit on Monday, Betty White talks about her first job that she landed when television had just started. The video is a part of a WH summer jobs initiative.

Bloomberg – Dimon Says Volcker Rule Would Have Prevented Losses

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said today that the proposed Volcker rule could have prevented the derivatives trading loss of $2B. Dimon has long been an opponent of stricter regulation of the financial sector.

Reuters – Former Giffords Aide Wins Her Seat

Democrat Ron Barber has won the special election to succeed his former boss in Congress. He joins a large group of Members who were first staffers on the hill.

POLITICO – Romney Prebuts Obama’s Economic Speech Tomorrow

The tepid and unfortunate GOP candidate calls the American recovery “tepid and unfortunate.”

Roll Call – New American Crossroads Targets 6 Senate Races

The Republican super PAC and its nonprofit arm, Crossroads GPS is targeting Senate races in OH, VA, MO, NE, NV, and ND. The group will buy statewide broadcast and television ads.

Slate – Global Poll Shows China as World’s Largest Superpower

For the first time a global public poll shows that China has pulled ahead of the United States as the world’s largest economic superpower. The poll also shows growing disapproval of Obama and US drone strikes.

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