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Making Moves at IVN

by Chad Peace, published

We are going through a significant development process here at IVN. After months of getting our ducks in order, from SEO optimization, to design, to configuring our network, it is time to work on features that make the site more usable and engaging.

We want to thank all IVN readers for their patience as we go through the development process. The IVN staff consists of a small group of young and ambitious politicos and non-politicos from all across the ideological spectrum. You won't find any senior analysts or a table filled with programmers here. But, you will find a team dedicated to putting in the hours so that there is a platform that is truly open to anyone who wants to participate in bringing a civil discourse into the public dialogue.

We are looking forward to launching personal blogs/websites, voting features, introducing a 'political capital' point system that will allow readers to push content that they think is important. We are also working on a video segment component of our news network which should premier during the first week of July. Thanks again for all the support and we hope you grow along with us!

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