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Lunch Tips: June 1, 2012

by Matt Metzner, published

CNN – May Jobs Report is Dismal

Today’s May jobs report was underwhelming because only 69,000 new jobs were added and the national unemployment rate rose to 8.2%.

POLITICO – Obama Capitalizing on Trump

In an email sent by Obama’s campaign calling for donations, POTUS points out that Romney is fundraising with the birthers (Trump).

Reuters – Clinton on Iran: Prove Peaceful Nuclear Program

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton called for Iran to show concrete steps toward a peaceful nuclear program in the lead up to a P5+1 meeting in Moscow to discuss Iranian nuclear development.

The Daily Beast – Facebook IPO is a Warning to All Tech Companies

Facebook continues to plummet and its clear that not only are mom and pop traders losing out. Major capitol investment firms and sophisticated traders are losing now that the stock is at 60% of its initial valuation. One analyst states that a fair price for FB is $16-24.

Salon – ACLU Picking up Conservative Support Against Obama Drones

Several conservatives and Bush affiliates are supporting the ACLU in their Freedom of Information Act litigation against the Obama administration regarding the legal basis for drones in Pakistan and Yemen.

Reuters – Papal Leak is but One Small Scandal on a Long List

The usually tight-lipped Holy See had several private papers of the pope’s leaked by a personal butler. Here’s a very short list of other scandals.

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