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Why More Independents Like You Should Run for Office

by Tisha Casida, published

At this moment, Independents have the opportunity to reach hundreds, even thousands of people with a message – that you can do something and are just as capable as the people who are “running the show,” of doing something that so many representatives are not doing– listening to their constituents. I bet you are capable of listening to people who are in your community. I bet you will listen to them better than many people who think they are “holier than thou” and do not have the time or energy to understand the complex relationship between law-makers and law-followers.

Welcome to approximately 160 days from the election of 2012. We are in the beginning heat of races between candidates who have decided to throw their hat in the ring and win based on the sentiment among voters, which includes Congress’ dismal approval rating, a record number of people changing their party affiliation to unaffiliated or Independent, and the following phrases we have heard in our own journeys on the campaign trail:

1.    “Throw them all out.”

2.    “”

3.    “I don’t care about experience; I care about integrity.”

4.    “We are looking for someone who is real.”

5.    “”

6.    “I will vote for anyone who is not a Republican or a Democrat.”

Maybe you are shy, broke, have time-constraints, scared, intimidated, (etc.), but let me tell you something– you can do this. You can win– and you can make a huge impact for our community and country by merely trying. This is a very unique election year, and our country is desperate for people who are “real,” who are not “seasoned politicians,” and who do not have the political experience of greasing the corrupt wheels of Washington bureaucracy.

We are our destiny – and it is not too late to declare your candidacy for office.  We applaud you, if you have done so, or decide to in the near future.

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