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Open Primary Q&A with Marty Block

by Martin Block, published

The following Q&A is with Democrat Assemblyman Marty Block, candidate for California State Senate District 39.

Are you personally in favor of the new open primary system?

Block: I support the open primary system. My hope is that it will empower more citizens to participate in the electoral process and produce more moderate legislators from both parties who will be able to work collaboratively for the good of California.

In your opinion, what are the top issues for this election cycle in California?

Block: The most important issues in this election cycle are economic growth and the creation of more good jobs, support for K-12 and higher education to prepare a well-trained workforce ready to compete for those jobs, expanded efforts to enhance public safety, continued protection of California's environment and access to quality healthcare for all.

How does your message appeal to Californians who identify as "No Party Preference" or are undecided?

Block: My message is that we need to work together to get things done for California. I have repeatedly demonstrated my ability to "work across the aisle" to benefit all San Diegans. I have carried multiple bills sponsored by moderate Republicans like Bonnie Dumanis and have jointly-authored or co-authored several bills with Independent Nathan Fletcher. Party labels aren't important to me. Getting the work done is. Most importantly, I will continue to listen to San Diegans from all walks of life and all political ideologies.

How are you adjusting your campaign outreach and messaging to reflect the wider demographic of voters you now have to appeal to in the primary?

Block: Fortunately, my message has always been one of independence, moderation and collaboration. It won't require adjustment to appeal to independent voters. As always, I continue to attend a full schedule of community events, participate in town halls and sponsor regular coffees with voters to get my message out and, more importantly, to hear the voters' message for me.


Editor’s Note: The Independent Voter Network has reached out to various campaigns with the preceding set of questions on open primaries and California independent voters. All candidates interested in speaking out on these questions are encouraged to forward responses to [email protected] IVN respects all viewpoints and candidates, and we look forward to featuring all responses.

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