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Teachers Support Independent Greg Laskaris for Assembly District 77

by Jim Mahler, published


The American Federation of Teachers represents community college teachers and staff throughout San Diego County. We take our political endorsement process seriously and invest a considerable amount of time researching all candidates before determining which candidates we will support.

We continue to see the numbers of voters who register without party affiliation continue to grow despite the lack of any active campaign to drive registration in this direction. Thus, we have begun to conduct research seeking to explain the motive behind this trend.

As a result of this research, it is now clear to us that voters want candidates that are independent of party affiliation and that put quality public education, the creation of middle class jobs, and the provision of services for veterans first, ahead of entrenched bureaucracies and partisan politics.

That is why the American Federation of Teachers has voted to endorse the candidacy of Greg Laskaris in the 77th Assembly District.

Greg is a 12 year award winning community college teacher.  He is also a successful small businessman and a sought after professional grant writer for other small enterprises.

Greg is the only candidate in this race who refuses to affiliate with any political party or the “political elite.” He is an independent thinker who will not follow the Sacramento party line.

As a community college teacher, Greg believes we need to expand California's apprenticeship and job training programs because diminishing educational opportunities are shutting too many citizens out of the job market.

Education is Greg’s highest priority. He’s a committed teacher with strong executive business experience who listens, as well as speaks, and who acts, rather than just argues.

To support basic California services, including education, Greg believes we need to revise our tax system to close corporate loopholes and to expect everyone – including the wealthiest 1% – to pay their fair share as we in the 99% do!

Greg views small businesses as the economic engines that will create our jobs of the future. Unlike large corporations with their tax breaks who ship our jobs overseas, thriving small businesses are essential to restoring a strong middle class and providing local jobs.

Additionally, Greg believes we need to get young, unemployed veterans on the road to education and good middle class jobs to help re-ignite our economy.

The American middle class didn't just happen in the United States.  It was built brick-by-brick by businesses hiring workers from a well-educated work force.

We urge you to vote for Greg Laskaris – our choice for the Assembly District 77!

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