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The Founding Fathers' Vision of a Free Society Makes a Grassroots Comeback

by Tisha Casida, published

I believe that a change in consciousness is happening – in our own country and our world. This change in consciousness is apparent in individuals,who have decided to ask questions, speak up for themselves, and reflect on what makes us free, unique beings – the same questions pondered by America's Founding Fathers.

Much like our Founding Fathers did before us, Americans are questioning a financial system that controls our lives and our world. We are questioning what natural rights are and how they compare to the continually growing stack of laws from our legislatures. We are questioning why we work so hard to pay taxes on our labor, while inflation is starting to squeeze our budgets, and a weak economy threatens our opportunities for building any type of savings or wealth. We are starting to gather in coffee-shops, in taverns, on street-corners, and in online communities where we are talking with others and starting to speak up about these questions that we have. We are reflecting on what this human journey is, here on planet Earth.

I believe that all of these questions, conversations, and reflections center around our liberties – our freedom to believe whatever we want to believe, and do whatever we want to do so long as we do not violate the liberty of others to enjoy that same freedom – to live our lives with no chains or restraints that stop our creativity or prevent us from experiencing our journey in life. Our liberty is our right to question, to have these conversations, and to express ourselves in our communities and our country. And these seeds of liberty, have been planted – in people of every political party affiliation, demographic, and psychographic – they are about us as human individuals and not as factions of people divided over any label.

Several generations of people who believe in these liberties to question, have conversations, and seek truth and knowledge - given to us by ‘the Great Legislator of the Universe’ (as John Adams called God, Who he believed was the originator of human nature and therefore our liberties, which America's Founding Fathers believed are derived from our human nature and not from government, and are therefore inalienable) – are waking up to the possibility of being voices for their communities and country. And they are attempting to work within the system of our constitutional republic, or arguably, democracy, to be voices and representatives of their constituents.

It is our privilege, as community members and citizens of our States, to support people that we believe in– to support and encourage people to become public servants and representatives in government. It is up to each of us to nourish the soil in which these seeds will grow, and we can do that by donating our time, energy, and money to the causes that this next generation of representatives wants to espouse – particularly the cause of constitutional government and protecting the Bill of Rights that outlines our most basic freedoms.

New faces, and fresh perspectives are a very good thing for government – at every level. These candidates may not necessarily have the political ‘experience’ to be like the politicians that they are up against, but that is their best and most beautiful quality – that is what makes them unique and a good choice to be a representative, a statesman, someone willing to listen to the voices of the people. You can seek these candidates out by doing a little research online and getting out and talking to people in your community.

Or maybe you want to run for office yourself – do not be afraid. The only failure you will have is if you don’t try. Right now America is brimming with grassroots activists working hard to ensure a fruitful harvest of these seeds of freedom and peace that have been planted. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

This is a wonderful time to be alive, and it is the perfect time to become more involved in your community. Individuals taking action is the most powerful means to create our destiny – this is your chance to sow the seeds of liberty.

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