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Breaking: Prominent San Diego CEO's "Move to the Middle" Today

by Kymberly Bays, published



A group of prominent San Diego business executives will re-register as independents today. Current and former leaders of Gateway, Qualcomm Inc., SDG&E and more, are expected to participate in this unprecedented event. Also to be announced is the formation of a new coalition focused on bringing an end to partisan gridlock in American politics.

There will be a press conference at 10am at Missile Park in Kearney Mesa, 9300 block of Lightwave Ave.

A group of more than 35 are expected to sign onto a pledge called the "Declaration of Independents", authored by Ted Waitt, chairman of the Waitt Foundation and founder and former CEO of Gateway Inc. The "Declaration of Independents" pledges to support the election of “capable leaders who put their commitment to the People above party loyalty.”

In statements at, high profile members of the new coalition explained their purpose:

“Our primary goal is to send a clear message to existing political leadership that we are no longer willing to sit idle and watch partisan games prevent us from addressing the very real challenges we face here in San Diego and at the state and national levels,” said Dane Chapin, Partner at Zephyr Partners. “We’ve reached a point where politicians refuse to embrace thoughtful solutions simply to spite the party opposition, and that’s simply unacceptable.”

“As business leaders, we make decisions every day based on a desire to innovate and drive progress,” said Scott Dickey, CEO of Competitor Group and one of the coalition’s founders. “It’s time that the moderate majority demand that same constructive attention to solving problems in government, and this can only be accomplished by leaders who are driven by a desire to achieve results on behalf of the people, rather than satisfying fringe extremes and party dogma.”

A list of founding members of the "Movement to the Middle" can be found on their website:

Check back later as Independent Voter Network will be bringing updates throughout the morning.

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