Speak #4yourself – A Recap of IVN’s First TweetChat


Today’s TweetChat was a major success! We got to hear from independent voters, organizations, and candidates on the role of independents in the 2012 election. We had a lively discussion with contributions from Independent presidential candidate Buddy Roemer, the California Moderate Party, and GOP Communications Strategist Micah Grant. For a recap, here are 5 questions we asked with selected answers from some of the participants:

1. The number of independent voters is on the rise. How significant will their influence be in the 2012 election?


2. What about the Hispanic vote? Why is the GOP ignoring immigration reform?


3. Why are there so many independents, but no one is voting for independent candidates?


4. Question to Buddy Roemer: What’s been the most frustrating part of running as an Independent candidate?


5. Pew survey shows Independents further removed from political process than Reps. and Dems. Why is this? And how could candidates best appeal to Independent voters?

 A big thank you to everyone who joined! We’re excited to continue the open dialogue in our next TweetChat!