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Future of America in the Hands of the Independent Voter

by Richard Grant, published


After decades of political sabotage by both the Republican and Democratic Parties the time has arrived for the Independent voter to come forward, stand up and take back control of our country on behalf of We The People.

In the beginning our Founding Fathers envisioned a government, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated almost a century later at Gettysburg, of the people, by the people, for the people. Now, after a century of political betrayal, that vision has become terribly distorted.

To better understand this betrayal and why our elected leaders have been all too willing to lead our country to the brink of economic defeat one would need to understand who has and controls the power.

On a global level, relative to the United States, the top three tiers of power are:

  1. European banking cartels / financial empires
  2. Major corporations
  3. Major religions

These groups are referred to, in political terms, as Special Interest.

An example of how Special Interest affects the American taxpayer can be demonstrated by looking at why the U.S. attacked Iraq. Wars are fought for economic gain. Iraq was no different. The question is who gained economically and at whose expense? In the case of Iraq the major corporations of the military industrial complex benefited to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars. The total cost of the war was financed by the central banks. The war was conducted, on many levels, in the name of God while the American taxpayer was saddled with the trillion dollars plus expense.

As we move forward to the National level and relative to We The People, the interests protected by our elected officials, in order of importance, are:

  1. Special Interest
  2. The interests of the two major political parties
  3. The self interests of the politicians
  4. The interests of We The People

Why have the interests of We The People been dropped to the bottom when the Founding Fathers had envisioned them to be at the top? The answer is simple, money.

In order to conduct a successful election campaign one must be fully capitalized to levels that go beyond belief. The primary source of this funding comes from Special Interest. The secondary source of this funding comes from the major political parties, which again comes from Special Interest. Two ways in which Special Interest fund political war chests is through direct lobbing or direct intervention by the Parties. Smaller Interests will send individual lobbyists to seek out and finance candidates or office holders, in the form of campaign contributions, to support their causes. Larger Interests will go directly to the Parties, whom they support financially, and have them intercede directly with the members on their behalf. Have you ever heard the saying “Towing the Party line”?

In a general sense the election results are not too critical to Special Interest. They hedge their positions by supporting both sides and the winner owes.

Unfortunately, Special Interest has the financial resources to offer far more support to the Parties and their members than does the individual American. Since money is the mother’s milk of political success it’s easy to understand why Politicians live by the second Golden Rule, which is; “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

Now instead of a government that places the interests of the people first we have one that places the needs of Special Interest, Party and the self-interests of Politician’s far ahead of those for whom it was intended. This betrayal has taken the most prosperous country in the history of man to the point of economic collapse which, if not corrected immediately, will eventually leave a large majority of trusting, hard-working Americans in financial ruin.

Ridding our government of this betrayal is not that difficult of a task. In fact the turn about can be accomplished in one Presidential election.

The solution will require 470 Americans coming together as a single unit, vying for the 435 House seats, the 33 Senate seats and the office of President and Vice President, with the full support of the Independent Voter, offering an election platform that includes:

1. Outlaw Political Parties.

Any entity whose interests come before those of We The People cannot be allowed to exist.

2. Make it an act of treason for any elected office holder or person running for elected office to accept financial or personal benefit for influence.

The country desperately needs independent thinkers acting independently for the best interests of We The People.

By removing Special Interest from the equation our elected officials should be able to find better solutions for the issues facing our country in a much shorter time frame.

The cost and time to conduct election campaigns can be greatly reduced with the Internet and public access television. Not only will these medium prohibit the ability for the buying of influence it will also open the field to other qualified Americans instead of the over whelming number of “connected” attorneys.

3. Reform congressional benefits to resemble those of mainstream America.

The perks and benefits congress provides them at the taxpayer’s expense are absurd. They need to be repealed and safeguards structured so future generations will not have the ability to bring them back.

Presently the Independent Voter represents 40% of the United States electorate. By splitting the remaining 60% between the Republicans and Democrats the Independent candidates would prevail and real change could begin to be enacted. Taking full control of the senate could take two years as for the first time in history Republicans and Democrats would begin working together, not for the interests of We The People but for their own. Then again a mandate this enormous would be hard to ignore.

Time is running out for our country and the political corruption needs to be flushed from the system before it’s too late. Replacing

Party Members with different Party Members has not worked for over a century. The only answer is to replace them all and, with the implementation of new constitutional amendments, insure the interests of We The People are forever protected.

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