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What to Expect: California Republican Spring Convention 2012

by Jane Susskind, published

IVN LIVE: We will be live-tweeting and live-blogging the California Republican Spring Convention starting TODAY at 12pm PST, 2pm CST, and 3pm EST. You can follow our tweets at @IVNetwork and use the hashtag #CAGOP12 to join in! We will be bringing you full coverage of the event throughout the weekend on IVN, Twitter, and Facebook

Californian Republicans traveling from around the state will meet today in Burlingame, California for this year's Spring Convention, with Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Darrell Issa speaking on Day One.

Also speaking today will be Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee Sharon Day, who will be giving an update on California's new top-two primary system put in place by Prop 14. The state's June election will be the debut of the new open primary system, which allows Californians to vote for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation, in statewide and congressional primary races. The Republican Party has been openly opposed to this system since it was proposed in 2010, making Sharon Day's Prop 14 update an interesting addition to the agenda. Later this evening, Republicans will have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow party members in the "Hospitality Suites."

Saturday begins bright and early with a briefing on the California Republican Party's (CRP) 2012 Republican Voter Advocacy and Turnout Program, hopefully addressing the CRP's issue of low voter registration. On top of falling voter registration, the CRP must also redirect their strategy based on the newly drawn electoral districts.

This year, the CRP will hold two Townhall events, both on Saturday. Targeting Asian and Latino voters, a demographic that is historically Democratic, these events may be an indication of a growing effort to increase participation among these groups.

Headlining Saturday's Luncheon will be GOP Presidential Candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, in what will likely be a highly publicized event. Later that evening, former presidential candidate, Governor Tim Pawlenty, will speak at a dinner banquet accompanied by Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman.

To close out the convention, Rev. Lou Sheldon, Chairman to the Traditional Values Coalition, will lead a prayer breakfast at 7:15am. From then until 3pm, the party will meet in a General Session, but unlike the Democratic Party, will not endorse any candidates for State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional seats.

Want to stay updated? We will be covering the event live on Twitter, Facebook, and live-blogging here on IVN!

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