The GOP Debate: Through the Social Media Lens

Last night’s Republican Presidential Debate in Arizona marked the 20th, and as some speculate, the last debate in the 2012 GOP primary race. Here’s how the debate was received in the social media world:

Word Cloud of the GOP Debate (Generated via

Leading up to the debate, there were high expectations for the candidates’ performances:

Why Tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate Matters


As we predicted yesterday, the debate centered around the differences between front-runner Mitt Romney and emerging leader Rick Santorum, as they were strategically sandwiched in the center between neglected Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

An accurate summary of the GOP debate tonight between Rick Santorum versus Mitt Romney, Credit: The Guardian

And there was no shortage of coverage of the debate. Here are the highlights from last night: 

John King asks Ron Paul: “You have a new television ad that labels [Santorum] a fake. Why?” Ron Paul replies: “Because he’s a fake.”


Did the final four live up to expectations? 

9.04pm: So far this debate is like watching three drunks trying to start a fight and falling over.

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