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No Labels Tries to 'Make Congress Work'

by Heather Rogers, published


Launched in December 2010, No Labels is a collective of people ranging the political spectrum joining together to demand change in the United States government. No Labels seeks to uphold the voice of the majority of Americans who simply want government to work effectively. This is a non-partisan endeavor which doesn’t seek to deny the basic principals of a party, but considers the increasingly polarized party system in America to be hampering true governing.

“The parties have organized themselves into warring clans that value defeating the other side over even the most basic acts of governing, like passing a budget on time or confirming competent people to staff our courts and the president’s Cabinet.”-No Labels

In the beginning of 2012, No Labels began its first grass roots campaign, Make Congress Work! The campaign targets Congress because according to No Labels, Congress is at the heart of dysfunction in Washington. Since every important law goes through Congress first, No Labels views it as the most influential sector of government. No Labels is undoubtedly on to something, as approval ratings for Congress are at historical lows. A Rasmussen poll earlier in February found only 5% of Americans believe Congress is doing a "good" or "excellent" job.

No Labels is an attempt at a solution to help improve results in Washington D.C., for everyone. The Make Congress Work! campaign has created 12 proposals with the goal of reducing gridlock, promoting discussion, and reducing polarization in Congress. The organization would like to see these proposals, which require no new spending or laws, adopted by the time the 113th United States Congress convenes in 2013 and are designed to require no spending or new laws.

“Our dozen common sense proposals – ranging from fixing the filibuster and reducing negative campaigning, to curbing the power of special interest pledges – can have an immediate, positive impact on how our government works.”

Throughout 2012, No Labels has the goal of mobilizing 1 million people in support of Make Congress Work!

Looking into the future, No Labels plans to confront other issues causing hyper-partisanship including gerrymandering, and the broken primary election process. No Labels stays true to its name, asking its supporters to set aside not principals, but prejudice of parties. They call for Americans to come together and fight for a common goal: the effective and successful managing of government.

“You don’t need to shed your identity to join the No Labels movement.  You can be a proud liberal, a proud conservative or anything in between. You just need to be open to the idea that people with different beliefs really can set labels aside and come together to make our government, and our country, work again.”

To learn more about No Labels, its accomplishments and future goals, visit

Watch Americans Elect's COO Elliot Ackerman and No Labels' Co-Founder Mark McKinnon discuss post-partisan politics and the prospect of an independent candidate for president with MSNBC's Chuck Todd, here.

No Labels explains Make Congress Work! below:

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