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Ron Paul Forums

by bizurk, published

Ron Paul Forums

Similarly posted on the Ron Paul forums, where Ron Paul supporters congregate.

The Green Papers has a number of parliamentary scenarios where any Rule 38 "conscience voting" could occur. One is that there would be a motion to Suspend the Rules and Nominate Governor Romney by Acclamation that would be rather quickly gaveled into passage by the Chair. In response, people have noted that this past week pointed out that there would immediately be people amongst the "stealthy" who would be rising to their feet clamoring for "the divisions" (that is, asking that a formal vote be taken on the matter, as suspension of the rules requires a 2/3 vote of the Convention )... of course, these critics of mine are assuming that the Chair would then either recognize them or not rule them out of order (even though, yes, their request for the divisions would be, in fact, in order). A Chair who is elected by the body has great control over the workings over the body. On the Ron Paul forums there are regular pushes to come out visibly in support of Ron Paul. Everything can be attributed to his philosophies and policy plans.

The Chair election is an example of the Paul Campaign’s takeover of the delegate selection process because to elect the Chair requires discipline.

The Chair election is also indicative of something nobody has talked about: The total decimation Governor Romney’s whip operation. In almost any organized partisan or faction legislative body, the Leadership has or should have an extensive Whip Operation.

The Ron Paul forums are also a valuable resource for gaining insider knowledge and insight into the strategy of the campaign. Modern day legislative teams lead by the consent of the Membership. In most legislative bodies with a Speaker, the day to day management of the operation of the house is delegated to the Majority Leader and his legislative colleagues. In England, while the Prime Minister is the head of Government, the actual responsibility for passing the Government’s legislative program devolves on the Leader of the House of Commons and his/her parliamentary associates. Serving in this role is part cheerleader, part policy wonk, part critic, part psychologist. It takes special people skills.

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