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Best Politics Definition

by bizurk, published

The best politics definition is as follows: politics is the activities involved in running a governmental entity or state.

The politics definition may seem broad but this is because politics itself is broad. It is a huge subject matter. Even if someone spent their entire life reading and researching politics, they would still have gaps and misunderstanding.

Politics definition was originally developed by great thinkers like Aristotle. He was the philosopher to begin to classify the many different types of state governments, like monarchies, timocracies, tyrannies, aristocracies, oligarchies and democracies. Many Americans consider democracy to be the best political system.

The origin of the word "politics" comes from Greek, and means "affairs of the city". It has grown to encompass more than just city affairs, but civics, and state affairs. Furthermore, the development of the international affairs/politics field has given way to even more classifications and study.

Politics can be science or art, in terms of academic pursuit. Much of politics is rooted in the understanding of law, as well, so many students of law inherently must be knowledgable of politics. In fact, the political science undergraduate degree is the most common course of study for those advancing on to a law program.

Many people think best politics definition does not apply to their lives, and this can be shortsighted. It is common to not see a connection to the most publicized of political activities, that of the United States federal government. However, in American life, political structures can be found in nearly every aspect of life. The simple act of taking a vote, was developed through political thought and philosophy. Many people participate in workers unions, school PTA's, community councils, church councils, even sports have political structure, from pee-wee baseball up through the big leagues. Politics is a truly a social activity, where people make and amend the rules which we all live under.

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