Republican Tea Party may have produced Democratic Re-occupation

There is an age old lesson in American politics that both political party loyalist just can’t seem to get in their heads. Americans are fundamentally fair minded, skeptical of philosophers, and wish death on zealots and bullies.

The Democrats took it on the chin in 2010 after Democrats ran rough shod over Republicans in Congress. Tuesday night was the first hint that Republicans may pay the price for over reaching, some might argue “radical” agendas embraced in the euphoria of those wins. Across the country Dems won key candidate and issue battles. Most significantly, unions turned back collective bargaining restrictions in Ohio and a key anti-abortion test failed in pro-life Mississippi.

The Dems also won the Kentucky Governor race by a wide margin and captured most critical legislative contests.

Is it a pro-Democrat mandate? It’s more like a slap down aimed at arrogant Republican power grabs exercised by partisan Republican politicians who appear to be doing a right wing imitation of their left wing Democratic predecessors.

The question now is: will members of Congress get it? Keep your eye on the House and Senate Super Committee. The adults will try to reach an agreement that exceeds the committee’s mandate.

The one act that could put a positive jolt into both Main Street and Wall Street would be a constructive surprise from Congress. Voters appear way ahead of the politicians.

If the Republicans read Tuesday’s tea leaves they should recognize the folly of their summer long debt drama. The danger is Democrats may misread Tuesday’s success as a mandate to dig in on their own sacred cows.

There was a time in America when times like these belonged to independent thinkers in both Parties. The question now is, are there any left?