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Ron Paul Getting a $1 Million Birthday Present

by Chad Peace, published

Most people couldn't tell you their favorite candidate's birthday.  But if you are a 'Ron Pauler,' not only do you probably know it's his birthday, but you're probably giving him a present.  And as of 4pm EST today, supporters have dropped almost $900,000 into his campaign during today's one-day "birthday money bomb".

Coming off a close-second place finish in the Ames straw poll last week, Ron Paul and his supporters are flexing their fundraising muscles.  Last election cycle, Ron Paul's supporters set the record for most online donations to a political campaign in a single day, twice: on November 5th and December 16th, 2007.  

With several months to go and Ron Paul's support growing faster than ever before, you can bet that he will have some even bigger fundraising "money bombs" in the coming months.   



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