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Top political fouls

by Chad Peace, published

In case you missed it, in: 

California:  Even before potentially taking office, Whitman has unselfishly injected over $150 million of her own money into California’s fledgling campaign industry.  It is anticipated that this money will trickle down until it eventually reaches gardeners and housekeepers.  

Delaware:  In her latest gaffe, O’Donnell says she could not name a current Senator on the other side of the aisle that she could work with if she were elected to office.  But, according to candidate John Dennis, Nancy Pelosi is the wicked witch of the west.  Problem solved.  

Kentucky:  Jack ‘Ass’ Conway takes negative campaigning to an embarrassing level.  Trailing in the polls, it was not enough for Conway to be closing the gap on Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate race, so he ran ads implying that Rand Paul worships the god Aqua Buddha and is not a good Christian.  This is based off of a woman’s unverified claim that Rand Paul was involved in some college stunt/ritual/something.  Like a good Christian, Conway has not apologized for the attack.  

Alaska:  Joe Miller’s private security guard arrested a progressive journalist/blogger for trespassing at a public event after asking a question about immigration.  That stupid journalist should spend less time crashing Tea Parties and more time reading the Constitution.  Maybe he would learn that the First Amendment only allows journalists to report information, not gather it.  

Nevada:  Sharron Angle tells Mexican students that she is Asian, and so are the people depicted in her anti-immigration ad.  If only white people were so gullible.  

Bush:  Says his biggest failure was something he didn’t do: privatize social security.  Or maybe it was not repealing the 22nd Amendment?  

NPR:  National Public Radio fires Juan Williams for saying that he gets nervous when he sees a Muslim on a plane.  Everyone knows we are not supposed to talk openly about our feelings Mr. Williams. The good news is that he has been hired by Fox News, where you can say whatever the heck you want without repercussion. 

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