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BREAKING NEWS: CA Independent Voter Project launches press conference to highlight lack of ballot access for Decline to State candidates

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

In light of onerous ballot signature requirements for Decline to State candidates, the California Independent Voter Project is challenging the state legislature to remove these unfair barriers that shield the two-party system from legitimate competition.

While CAIVP posits that Proposition 14, the open primary initiative, will provide a long-term fix, immediate action must be taken by the legislature if Decline to State candidates are to participate in this year's November elections.

CAIVP proposes making June 7 the commencement for filing as a Decline to State candidate, and has secured legal counsel to explore potential court remedies if the legislature does not act.

CAIVN contributor, Greg Lucas, is on the scene and will be providing a detailed summary of the press conference as soon as it ends.  Stay tuned for further coverage.


*  Editor's update:  Greg Lucas's headline article can be found here.

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