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New poll shows 31% of Americans want a 3rd party

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

In a late-breaking NBC/WSJ poll, nearly 1/3 of Americans believe the nation is in serious need of a viable third party.  In the initial results, more than 80% state that the dominant, two-party system is broken, while only 15% claim that the current system works fairly well. 

52% acknowledge that the two-party system does indeed pose serious problems, but believe it can be salvaged with some key adjustments.

While the full results are set to be released at 6:30pm ET, the initial stats confirm the intensifying exasperation with the chronically poor performance of both major parties.  A vast majority of Americans are disenchanted with the one-headed, two-party monster, and they appear to be more willing to explore the potential for a more independent-minded third party.

These poll numbers also provide early confirmation for the predictions of leading trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, and retiring Democratic Senator, Evan Bayh. 

Bayh has publicly stated that the prospect for a legitimate, 3rd party contender by 2012 is a realistic scenario, while Celente has forecasted the rise of a serious, Progressive-Libertarian type presidential candidate by the next election.

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