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California's strong opposition to new Arizona immigration law could lead to influx of illegal aliens

by Christopher A. Guzman, published

With California facing fallout from Arizona's new, highly controversial illegal immigration law, local California officials seem to be laying the foundation for a mass influx of illegals.

This comes by way of their aggressive opposition to the new law.  The most vocal activity on the issue seems to be coming from officials in Los Angeles County.

This is not a surprise considering that Hispanics are 47 percent of the county’s population, according to past data by the United States Census Bureau. 

According to a local television affiliate in Los Angeles, the L.A. police chief voiced opposition to the new Arizona law, reaffirming his commitment to Special Order 40.  The particular Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) policy prevents police officers from questioning individuals for the sole purpose of determining their immigration status.

No such special order is in place with the Arizona law. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, SB 1070 allows law enforcement to only ask about one’s immigration status during instances like a traffic stop or the committing of a crime. 

The justification for the Los Angeles order is to not discourage illegals from coming forward and reporting crimes.  "The positive relationships that are built through Special Order 40 fire away at whatever minor inconvenience it is to a field officer, and the reality is that when people are arrested, we deal with their immigration status," said Charlie Beck, chief of police, according to the ABC 7 Los Angeles report.

Also condemning the law is the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the mayor backs an L.A. boycott of Arizona, calling the law “unpatriotic” and “unconstitutional.” 

Seven members of the Los Angeles City Council have signed a proposal supporting a boycott of Arizona businesses, which was authored by Councilman Ed Reyes.

In an aggressive effort to bring the disapproving views of Los Angeles officials to national attention, a council member even took to the cable television airwaves.  Appearing on the conservative Fox News Channel, Councilman Tony Cardenas called the law “irresponsible” and “unconstitutional,” invoking the reasoning behind Special Order 40.  Serving the San Fernando Valley, Cardenas represents a heavily Hispanic constituency.

Los Angeles is not the only city potentially laying the foundation for more illegals to come to California. Residents in Northern California could be apprehensive as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, other officials like Mayor Gavin Newsom from San Francisco issued an executive order that stops city officials from traveling to Arizona on official business. The Journal also reports that Oakland is considering similar action.

The Arizona law will not take effect until late July or early August; however, time will tell whether or not California will be ready to deal with a potential flood of more illegal immigrants.

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