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Top trends forecaster predicts third party presidential candidate by 2012

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

Gerald Celente, considered one of the most accurate trends forecasters in the world, is sticking to his guns and predicting the rise of a legitimate third party candidate by 2012.  And he claims it won't be a Tea Party candidate.  At this early stage, he is calling this future prospect the "Internet Candidate".  In Celente's view, the candidate will utilize the internet to tackle real issues, discuss specific platforms, and override the superficial "presidential reality show".

Celente labels himself a "political atheist" and has been highly critical of both the Bush and Obama administrations.  He has also been extremely critical of the Federal Reserve, Wall St, and the military-industrial complex.  While not perfect, Celente has a respectable track record in his thirty year trends forecasting career, and the last time he predicted the rise of a viable third party candidate, Ross Perot emerged right on cue in 1992.

And he is certainly not alone in this bold prediction, either.  Senator Evan Bayh (D- Ind), who shocked the nation by announcing his intent to retire at the end of his term, issued a similar prediction earlier this year, stating that 2012 could be a "Ross Perot Moment".

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