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Getting to the bottom of the healthcare reform bill

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

CAIVN would like to offer readers ten different sources that provide an array of commentary and analysis on the recently passed healthcare reform bill.  These links represent news sources and a variety of perspectives all along the political spectrum. Readers are encouraged to carefully examine and cross reference the reports in order to more accurately ascertain the contents of the 2,000+ page bill.

1.  Reuters:

2.  Emptysuit:

3.  Crooks and Liars:

4.  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

5.  Urban Institute:

6.  Brookings Institution:

7.  Hudson Institute:

8.  American Enterprise Institute:

9.  Center for American Progress:

10.  CATO Institute:

While these links serve as a starting point, readers are encouraged to offer their own links and sources in the comment thread.


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