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University of California could be subsidizing illegal immigration

by Christopher A. Guzman, published

As racially diverse as the California population is becoming, the illegal immigration debate and the passionate emotions accompanying it are not disappearing anytime soon.  This is true especially in light of the recent decision by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to issue an ultimatum to President Obama--get to work on reworking the healthcare bill’s immigration provisions or forget about healthcare reform altogether.

The tension at the national level only scratches the surface of the immigration affair.  The illegal immigration debate hits even closer to home in the Golden State via the college education system.

Fox News is reporting that professors at the University of California San Diego have collaborated with a colleague at the University of Michigan to develop a cell phone application that alerts immigrants crossing the border to key landmarks, water, and Border Patrol checkpoints.

The issue here isn’t necessarily that such technology exists. According to the article, Border Patrol agents know it’s pretty much a given that those wanting to get into the U.S. illegally are going to utilize whatever technology they can access to do so.  There’s always going to be some avenue of committing a crime that will go unnoticed by law enforcement--at least for a while.  The real issue is the source from which the technology is coming, which isn’t solely from some obscure, underground movement.

Enter the University of California education system. Instead of teaching students to go out into the world as law abiding citizens and to make a difference in that respect, modern academia is sanctioning students to question legal authority, fostering a mindset that this country’s laws don’t really matter.

This ought to be troubling to the California taxpayer.  Whether he likes it or not, his taxpayer funds are now legally being funneled to potentially subsidize crime---under the guise of education funding.

The professors at UC San Diego somehow see fit that they can use taxpayer funding to encourage an illegal activity of coming into the country without going through the necessary process or before any kind of real immigration reform has even been passed.

This story underscores a paramount point.

Legislation is key to tackling the problem of illegal immigration, but it is also counterproductive if the state’s own educational institutions are potentially undermining the rule of law.

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