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Open Primary back in the news

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

California lawmakers continue to offer their opinions of the upcoming Top Two Open Primary initiative in June. Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez briefly presented his views in a recent Q&A session with The Desert Sun.  Perez stated, "I am not convinced this proposal will support the type of reform so many of us desire...This might mean fewer choices for voters on the general election ballot."  

While Perez is certainly not alone in his criticism of the Top Two Open Primary ballot initiative, others such as Independent Republican, Abel Maldonado, and Governor Schwarzenegger support the reform measure.  Columnist, Thomas Elias, offered seven specific reasons for his defense of the June initiative about a month ago in the Mercury News.

A detailed breakdown, comparative analysis, and discussion of the ballot initiative's potential ramifications can be found on our Open Primary Initiative page.  Since so many Californians consider this initiative to be a high priority, based on a recent public policy poll, expect more and more spirited debate over this critical issue.


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