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Dreamin' Freedom in the Golden State

by Chelene Nightingale, published

The state legislature nicknamed California "The Golden State" back in 1968.  Although politically and socially the "land of milk and honey" was experiencing turmoil due to riots, assassinations, and walk-outs, both economy and industry developed a burgeoning middle class and housing market.  Although anti-communist Ronald Reagan presided over the state in 1968, this historic year shows the dramatic social and political changes that would lead California onto the path of destruction.

During the next four decades, our state government would grow bigger while bringing us to face a $20+ billion deficit due partly to special interest and public employee unions.  Unfortunately, these groups are not fully to blame since voters followed the various, so-called "freedom" movements demanding more from government.

So, as flower children once sang "California Dreamin", today's individualists are cursing the California Nightmare!  The dream gone badly includes historic unemployment figures, poverty rates, homelessness, foreclosures, and bankruptcies for the citizens of the 31st State in the Union.  Furthermore, our state is ranked near last in education, freedom, and business climate.  This nightmare will not go away overnight and in fact, will continue to haunt us, if We the People do not correct our mistakes and take a different course of action.

So, where do we begin?

We begin by reading both the United States Constitution and the California Constitution to understand what REAL freedom entails.  Bigger government is definitely not the answer.  As soon as voters realize their dependence on government, which has been stripping them of their God-given individual rights for these past few decades, they will wake up demanding less, and seeking candidates who truly believe in freedom and liberty.  

If we can begin today a new "freedom" movement, perhaps in forty years we can once again dream in the Golden State.


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