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Loophole; Med. Marijuana Dispensaries Up

by Thomas Sbrega, published

According to the LA Times in 2004 the city had four known storefront dispensaries.  Now, police say there are as many as 600 or more… no one really knows.  In September 2007, the Medical Marijuana Interim Control Ordinance (temporary moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries) became law (Ord. No. 179027).  Existing dispensaries were required to register before the deadline (11/13/2007).  However, according to a standard provision loophole dispensaries are allowed to file a hardship exemption.  The City Council has not acted on any of the applications, hence the more than tripling effect it had on new dispensaries since the law has been passed. Covering the story, the Fresno Bee reminds us:  “California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, making it legal for people suffering from certain ailments to grow, smoke and possess marijuana upon a doctor's recommendation.”

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